LIBRE OFFICE SUITE (Windows, Mac, Linux)
This appears to be the winner over Open Office that will disappear soon 9/16(). Decent alternative to MS Office. Very good converter for different formats (it can
be used to convert between MS Office editions that Windows either refuses to or cannot do). It does not have all the bells and whistles of MS Office, but I for one rarely use them.
And (hallelujah!) it does not have the unstable tab stops of MS Word.

 LyX DOCUMENT MAKER (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Recommended word processor and page maker. Essentially a GUI front end for LaTeX. Available for Windows, OS-X, and Linux. Especially good for technical papers that
contain equations and the like. It supports equation numbering, TOC maker, & bibliography maker. Fast and easy exporting to PDF, HTML, and other formats.
Comes with Mint Linux distribution - I recommend installation of packages listed on the Software Installation menu. However, essential LaTex packages must be installed individually.

Successor to Sunbird. Organizational calendar, from Mozilla. Excellent.

Highly recommended. Does not do well for tables and math but neither do any other OCR free versions I have tried.  Allows figures to be copied and pasted into Word - a very nice feature.

JABREF (Windows)
Bibliography software for Windows (reader reviews say EndNotes freeware is terrible compared with this), but these reviews may of course come from competitors)


Bibliography software

Bibliography Organizer