This is an unusual paper for a professional journal that demands an explanation. As a co-organizer of the Festchrift in Rochester NY in 2007,
I solicited written papers from speakers and attendees for a special issue of Journal of the American Ceramic Society. The paper
linked to below was written for this special issue. However, the journal editor did not follow up on the promise of a special issue and left many of the authors
stranded (much to my embarrassment). I could not find the time to hound the editor about this nor to arrange for a Lulu publication of the submitted papers.
Only this memoir was published. It is a terrible account of Connie's contributions because I had intended to fill out the details of his career in an Introduction
to the planned special issue of J. Am. Ceram. Soc by noting how the various papers were related to Connie's oevre. Instead, the paper is a cursory history of
enthalpy relaxation and how my knowledge of Connie's seminal contributions allowed me to get into the field.
         Several potential contributions to the Festschrift were also withdrawn by their authors because I goofed. The responses to my requests for contributions
far out-numbered my expectations and, as I remember, I could not persuade my co-organizer and/or the American Ceramic Society to extend the Festschrift for
another day or two. Once again I could not find the time to personally arrange such an extension or even to arrange an independent Fetschrift, and chose instead
to shorten the presentation times of invited papers. This was a mistake that understandably alienated the authors. 

Connie passed away on 12/22/15 at the age of 76.