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Special Relativity 001 (only Faraday's Law and Pythagoras needed) 

Planck Units

Schwarzschild Radius

Determination of Earth's Magnetic Field - V(t) of rotating 500 turn 0.36 m2 coil.

Helmholtz Coil Analysis - calculated magnetic field as functions of distances along coil axis and away from it.

Electrostatic Deflection of Water Stream - short video

Debye Peak Resolution

Maxwell Wagner Effect (with an application to emulsions of supercooled water in heptane). Latest update 5/20/17

Simplified Derivation of the van der Waals Force

Equation for an Ellipse - a proof that if the distances of a point from x = --a and x = +a add up to a constant then the point traces out an ellipse.

Derivation of Relative Permittivities for Conductivity Relaxation