WEB EXPRESS (Now available as freeware [Zip Folder]).
This can now be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems - just unzip the folder linked to in the title and run the web express file. This is the app used to build
the site you see. It is exceptionly user friendly -- I learned it in a day from scratch. The product was lauded by PCMag's John Dvorak when it first came out. The single
most negative feature is that rollovers are not supported.  Forms and frames are supported but  not used on this site. Also it does not support secure FTP uploading but
a separate FTP utility can be used to upload the completed website.

For about $10 per month you get many gigabytes of site size, many gigabytes of email space, and excellent security (it occasional demands that passwords
be changed to something different from previous ones). I presume that other commercial serving sites are comparably good.

One of my favorites that is sometimes included in printer and/or AIO  installations (Brother for example). Use it to scan in pages from a scanner, edit the stored PDF files, OCR
with one click, store files with user selected format (PDF, Word, WordPerfect, Open Office for example). When it scans 2-sided documents it arranges both sides into the proper
order. Prints PDF files better than Acrobat (fewer landscape vs portrait screwups for example), and has useful PDF features such as an eraser and a straightening function. List
price  $100 but can be purchased for as little as for $35.  

MATHTYPE (Windows & Mac)
The full version of MS Office's Equation Editor. Essential for scientists and engineers. Their support is excellent - I have saved a lot of time over the years by writing them and
promptly receiving  helpful  replies. Mathtype can be unstable with long documents in MS Word but after correspondence with MathType I have found that this is a Microsoft issue
(surprise!) . My personal recommendation are:
(1) Switch off AutoSave whenever using MathType [this is now the default setting for Word 2013, presumably to divert attention away from problems that MS has been unable
(more probably unwilling)  to correct for decades];
(2) When copying Mathtype equations always open the original equation, copy it in within Mathtype, then open a new Mathtype file and copy to it.

There is another Microsoft issue - sometimes inline equations are superscripted (for Office >= 2007). The problem disappears if the document is saved  and edited as .doc rather than .docx
and this work-around is recommended. Mathtype also suggests you complain to Microsoft because as they say:
 "Microsoft listens to their customers, not other software companies. The more customers that complain about the problem, the more likely they are to fix it. We encourage customers
to report their experience so that Microsoft can appreciate how widespread it is. You can submit feedback to Microsoft by:
E-mail: mswish@microsoft.com
Telephone: (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676)
Online at http://support.microsoft.com".

MATLAB (Version R2015a reviewed)
          This used to be priced beyond the reach of most of us (about $2000). However it can now be purchased for about $150 for home use (modest restrictions). Additional tool boxes
cost $45 each . Windows, Mac and Linux versions are available. If you do a fair amount of computing like I do I ENTHUSIASTICALLY RECOMMEND MATLAB AT $150 OVER
OCTAVE FOR FREE.  MATLAB has a very useful GUI interface that includes two panels, one for command line entries and the other for the m-file program being used (e.g. changes
in the m-file are automatically saved, one can  toggle between the two panels that speeds up debugging, and useful programming warnings are available from popups on a sidebar).