STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Often better than Google despite its stupid name. It does not filter the search results according to your previous searches,
or those most frequently visited, or  puts "sponsored" links on the top of the page of search results. For scientific searches I have found it to be far superior to Google.

Email client from Mozilla. Excellent.

Downloadable file that, once executed, allows you to zoom into anywhere on the planet (down to street level). Requires broadband connection since it
functions online. Also requires a 'good' video processor (as defined by Google). Must use Google download for Linux.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  This web site creator was used to create the present website and is now free. Just unzip the folder that this link points to -
this  yields the executable file. It  supports features not used in this website such as frames but does not support rollovers nor secure ftp uploads (some web
hosting sites will therefore not accept them). However, secure ftp uploads can be accomplished using third party ftp apps. The present version is 4.0 and seems faster
and/or more stable than 3.x.